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by Mike Giles Two Canadian brands- abitibi & co and Norquay-brought together via a common love of canoeing have embarked on a three-year partnership to change the face of canoe craftsmanship.
While you might not have heard of it, Italy's Mido Eyewear Show is the leading event for eyewear professionals. It's an exhibition during which major international brands present their new styles and innovations for prescription specs and sunglasses-and, while it might sound like it's purely for industry members, it's fascinating for anybody interested in fashion and design.
The two words "Silicon Valley" immediately stir up stereotypes, stigma and maybe an HBO show. The name has become a cultural reflex, and that's what photographer Helena Price wants to change with her ambitious, large-scale portrait and interview series. Techies Project, launched today, is a collection of 100 in-depth interviews that breaks this idea of the "sameness" plaguing the area.
hello april All is in bloom, spring included. April is here, and with it, the awakening of the years most coveted indoor and outdoor festivals returning cultural events, pop-ups and original programming worthy of streaming. Wake up your alfresco spirits with The Coffeetographer's calendar of coffee culture for April, that you should bookmark now.